Legacy: A ride to conquer Motor Nueron Disease


We often use the phrase “life’s too short” when we’re buying a slice of cake or paying for the most up to date smartphone. It’s a way of justifying things in our heads, but we never really give it much credence. The subjects of Legacy, Ian Davies and Scott Sullivan, know all too well the true meaning of that phrase. When we meet them in Tony Prescott’s documentary, they have both been diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease (MND), a condition that attacks without prejudice, robbing the sufferer of their mobility before an inevitable death.
Wishing to spread awareness of the disease and Sullivan’s charity “MND And Me”, in 2013 they chose to cycle, in a specially designed tandem, across the whole east coast of Australia. What we witness over the next 80 minutes is two men facing their own mortality with a courage to be admired. This inspiring film also talks to the people – family and friends – whose lives have been touched by the duo. They are frank and open in the inevitability of the men’s lives, as well as the good that they are doing.
As they make their way across the coast, Legacy captures personal moments that can hint at the everyday struggle they go through. Scott, a loving husband and father of two, openly champions euthanasia as his preferred method to go when he considers himself too much of a burden to his family. Ian, a self-imposed loner, expresses regret at pushing away his ex-fiancée, realising that he did it more for himself than her. But the documentary never chooses to overplay these moments; this is not a pity parade. These men don’t want your sympathy; they want to keep their dignity. For ticket information go to https://tugg.com.au/legacy/