The world’s biggest cinema-on-demand chain wants supporters to crowdfund it


Perth-based is hoping its 110,000-strong customer base will put their money where their eyeballs are, launching a seven-figure equity raise via crowdfunding.

The on-demand cinema startup, which has a catalogue of hundreds of films, predominantly documentaries alongside Australian classics such as Mad Max and Crocodile Dundee, offers crowdsourced, single event-screenings in seven countries, including the US, Canada and UK, using mainstream cinema chains as venues. Around 40,000 customers are based in Australia, delivering around a quarter of the company’s revenue. It’s been described as Airbnb for movies. 

Co-founder and Managing Director David Doepel (pictured), a former producer and documentary filmmaker, launched the business in 2013 as a film distribution company before rebranding as in 2016. He wants to double the number of countries the business operates in by the end of 2020. 

“Our loyal customers not only love unique cinema experiences, they understand these movies are being seen in cinemas thanks to the crowdsourcing business model,” he said.